why I don’t write every day


where am I at in this blog? I think I was finishing a baby blanket. Done and in use by a beautiful great grand-daughter, Jane.

I have used up some stash making 5 tea towels and a table runner for gifts to family and friends.

My new garden, with one dozen Strawberry plants is doing quite well. I had thought that I would grow them under Remay entirely, but, having old- fashioned ideas, I have taken the cover off to let whatever sun and rain come to  fall directly on them. Found that light rains did not penetrate the covering.  Always testing and observing when it comes to gardens.

To use some beautiful fine silk , I have a warp on the warping board. Do I do straight draw on four harnesses or go for Summer and Winter on Eight? This will make fabric for a silk dressing gown, kimono style, using my favourite Fabric  Yarns made from silk blouses over-dyed with Kool Aid. Think I need more dying.

Decision will be made when I return June 1st. from a working trip on Via Train as part of the Entertainment Committee using knitting and crochet. What fun!!

I will try to keep a blog on this trip-diary?  Very little computer work on the train-makes trip very restful and chatty.

My bike goes into the shop to-morrow for a spring clean-up, to be ready for lots of short rides when I get home.No more of the 50-60KM. days for me. Lovely trails here.

Happy spring equinox

Well the loom is not dressed.

The weather said get into the garden to plant the strawberries.

However, as the Rag Lady I need to experiment with one of my Fabric Yarns in Tunisian crochet for my teaching trip on Via Rail in May. See the picture below. I made this yarn from an embossed knitted fabric, cutting from salvage to salvage.



Hi everybody

This blogging venture I’ve thought about often. I’ve been too busy knitting, weaving, crocheting, designing apparel, skiing , cycling, travelling, teaching, and whew!!

Just choosing one project to start.

It is a baby blanket to be woven for my fourth great-grandchild who will arrive this week.

The materials I am using for this project will be:

  • Bouquet Auburn for the warp
  • Bouquet Softee Tutti Futti as weft

The pattern will be:

  • M’s and O’ PLAID No. 1 from M.P. Davison
  • sett-16 epi
  • blanket width 30 inches

The loom will dressed tomorrow and from there I will see how everything goes.

See you another day.